A person using GuideConnect on a tablet and smiling.

Thoughtfully designed by and for people with sight loss

GuideConnect is intuitive to use, so that even if you’re new to technology or lack confidence, it’s easy to get started with the clear and simple menus.

Tweak the speech and magnification to suit your visual impairment and know that GuideConnect can evolve with you if your sight changes.

Large print that can be as big as you need, in the font and colors of your choice.

Every option is announced with a human-sounding voice – it’s like having a person guiding you every step of the way.

A person using GuideConnect on a tablet and selecting the Getting Started Wizard

Get started straight away with technology made simple

GuideConnect is so simple to use – get started quickly and easily, even if you are lacking in confidence or new to technology.

Step-by-step audio and video tutorials guide you through all aspects and features of GuideConnect. 

A person using GuideConnect on an All in One desktop, composing an email and smiling

Stay connected with family and friends

Easily use email to send messages and documents for business and pleasure.

Make video calls to friends and family.

Simple internet access means you can share photos online to celebrate family news and special events.

Use online forums to discover what’s happening in your local community, make new friends with similar interests, and stay in touch.

GuideConnect’s straightforward menus mean you’ll find connecting and communicating painless.

A person using GuideConnect on a tablet, listening to music and smiling

Be entertained and have fun!

Listen to music from a range of local, national and international radio stations.

Instantly browse, choose and listen to thousands of free audio books.

Same-day, full access to newspapers – delivered daily.

Simple access to the internet helps you to enjoy hobbies and explore interests.

A person using GuideConnect on an All in One computer to add an event to their calendar

Manage Everyday Tasks Independently

GuideConnect makes light work of sorting out practical chores and the admin involved in modern life.

Checking information on the web and shopping online are a piece of cake.

Easily sort out internet banking matters and pay bills.

Get organized – keep a calendar, set reminders and more.

There is no more waiting around – independently read and respond to your own mail.

A person using GuideConnect on a tablet and selecting the Getting Started Wizard

Help and Support Every Step of the Way

There is a wide variety of help built into each page of GuideConnect.

Straightforward, step-by-step menus make navigation simple and intuitive.

Most pages can be accessed using just four keys!

A friendly, caring member of the EVAS Support Team is always available to help!

Why upgrade from Guide V9 and Earlier to GuideConnect ?

  • Enhanced ease of use
  • Streamlined Web Browser
  • Use (optional) Dolphin Remote Control for even easier access to Menus and Features
  • Premium Plan provides automatic updates and upgrades as well as access to EVAS Technical Support and Premium Features like Video Calling