A Statement from Dolphin about the Sales and Support of Guide:
“Dolphin strives to deliver innovative products that create value for our customers, and as such periodically releases new products and product versions in keeping with technology advancements. Therefore, as part of a product’s lifecycle, older product versions eventually reach their natural end of life. Due to changes in the Windows platform and the discontinued development and support of Internet Explorer by Microsoft, Dolphin has discontinued developing and updating Guide. Guide has been replaced with a new solution, GuideConnect. GuideConnect v1.10 (eta by 12/2019) includes all of the feature’s customers loved in Guide—the ability to add music, create audio and text notes, a file manager and so much more. As a result, Dolphin and its Dealers have discontinued the Sales of Guide as of November 2019. Dolphin and EVAS will continue to provide technical support for Guide for technical issues that are not Windows or browser related conflicts.”

If you need to download the trial of Guide V9, please Click Here

(PLEASE NOTE: Some Browsers will display either a pop-up message on the screen or a download status in the lower area of the screen that may need to be selected to continue the download depending on your browser security settings)