Person holding a tablet with GuideConnect menu displayed


  • Simple step-by-step menus help you complete every task
  • High contrast large print text, as BIG as your eyes need
  • Human sounding voices guide you every step of the way
  • Touch, remote, keyboard or mouse access
  • Write emails, documents, or search the internet with your voice
  • The simplest way to write, send and receive email
  • Compose letters and print envelopes
  • Make video calls to family and friends
  • Effortlessly browse the web
  • Scan and read your print mail
  • Listen to audio books or today’s newspapers
  • Maintain a calendar and receive timely reminders
  • Tune in to your favorite radio stations

Person pointing to a menu option on a tablet with GuideConnect

Simple step-by-step menus

Never get lost or overwhelmed – GuideConnect’s simple step-by-step menus talk you through your choices.

Whether you’re composing an email, browsing the internet or scanning print documents or mail, GuideConnect simplifies the process into a series of effortless steps. 

Follow along with high contrast, large print talking menus and you’ll have achieved your task before you know it.

Person holding a tablet with a very large menu of GuideConnect displayed

Text and menus as BIG as you need

Unlike iPads and other tablets, with GuideConnect there’s no restriction on how big you make the words. Choose large print menus and text, wherever you need them.

High contrast colors that suit your sight and a selection of easy-to-read text fonts, ensure you can always see the action.

With GuideConnect there’s no small text, no searching for low contrast app icons and no complicated gestures to remember.

Person sitting at a desk with an All In One Computer using GuideConnect

Talks you through every task

Everything is read aloud with GuideConnect. The simple step-by-step menus are spoken at a speed that suits you. 

Whether you choose GuideConnect for your tablet or on a computer, the voice announces just enough information, so you always feel in control and never overwhelmed.

GuideConnect includes a selection of human sounding voices and can read as slow or as fast as you are accustomed to.

Displaying three ways to use GuideConnect; a Remote Control, a keyboard and a touchscreen

Flexible access – touch, remote, keyboard or mouse

GuideConnect’s touchscreen access is ideal for people who have chosen a portable tablet or touchscreen laptop. There are no complex gestures to memorize, just the handy side buttons that sit naturally under your fingers.

For the quickest access to GuideConnect’s leisure features, reach for the (optional) Dolphin Remote Control. Easily connects to your tablet or computer, via Bluetooth or included Adapter, so you can sit back in your favorite armchair and use the simple tactile buttons that feel instantly familiar.

For people that choose a laptop or desktop solution, GuideConnect is equally intuitive with your favorite keyboard and mouse.

A person using the  GuideConnect menu to turn Voice Input on

Voice Input

GuideConnect’s simple voice input makes life even simpler. Writing a letter to an old friend? Use voice input in documents to quickly compose a detailed message. Sending an email? Voice input makes adding email addresses and content fast and easy. Want to know what the weather will be like today? Just open the web browser and ask the question!

Please note: voice input is NOT available in all languages.

A person sitting at a desk using GuideConnect on an All In One Computer to compose an email message

Effortlessly write, send and receive email

Email has never been easier or more accessible than with GuideConnect. The simple speaking menus walk you through every step of writing, sending and receiving email. 

    • New email – GuideConnect will notify you
    • Composing a response – GuideConnect will read as you type
    • Proofing for mistakes – GuideConnect alerts you to spelling errors
    • Add a contact to the address book – GuideConnect assists you

With talking, high contrast, large print menus that patiently guide you, staying in touch with friends and family has never been simpler.

A person using GuideConnect on a tablet and browsing the web

Browse the web with confidence

Access a world of information with just 4 keys. GuideConnect harnesses all the power of a full screen reader, with none of the complexity.

Use the up and down arrow keys to explore web pages. GuideConnect will highlight what is being read aloud, so you’ll never get lost or confused.

A person holding a tablet with GuideConnect over a magazine to take a picture of it.

Scan and read your printed documents, independently

With GuideConnect, there’s no need to wait for someone sighted to visit and read your mail.  A compatible flatbed scanner or multi-function printer is all you need to independently and – most importantly – privately read your letters and print documents with GuideConnect. If your Computer has a built-in Camera, you can also use it to take a picture to then read or magnify.

GuideConnect is the simplest way to hear printed text read aloud. Add high contrast colors to make the text or images easier on the eye. Save photos to look at again, and again.

Make Video Calls

While mainstream video calling services can be tricky to use, with GuideConnect, making video calls is easier than ever.

Step-by-step menus talk you through every stage so you can connect with friends and family with ease. It’s like being in the same room, even when you are apart.

Your family and friends will be able to video call you for free from their own device with their own, free Dolphin Account. Click here for more information.

Click here for more information on Video Calling, a Premium Plan feature.

A person sitting at a desk, writing an letter using GuideConnect on a tablet.

Confidently write letters and documents

With GuideConnect you can independently handle your own correspondence.

    • Write letters – GuideConnect builds your letter, piece by piece, so there’s no complicated formatting challenges.
    • Add your recipient’s address from the address book.
    • Choose a greeting and write your message. 

GuideConnect walks and talks you through each stage and can even print your envelope!

A person using GuideConnect on a tablet and having a book in large print with white on black lettering and yellow highlight

Browse and read 1000s of audio books

Experience the widest range of audio books, human narrated and delivered with large, crystal clear text. From top ten best sellers to old classics, romance to tragedy, GuideConnect offers access to them all. Simply sign up with your regional accessible library provider, like Bookshare or NLS/BARD, add your account credentials to GuideConnect and get reading.

A person using GuideConnect on a tablet and searching through news paper titles with  large print with white on black lettering and yellow highlight

Newspapers you can read, delivered daily

Local, regional and national newspapers are all accessible and delivered daily with GuideConnect. Sign up with NFB/Newsline, add your account credentials to GuideConnect and it will retrieve  your favorite newspapers as they’re published.

With print as big as you need it, you can browse the headlines and the sections. Love sports? Jump straight in! With GuideConnect you can choose, read and listen to the articles that interest you.

A person using the Dolphin Remote to control GuideConnect's radio

Listen to the radio

Browse thousands of local, regional and national radio stations, or just play your favorites.

Easily find your station with GuideConnect’s speech, high contrast text and station preset buttons.

Discover stations catering to all kinds of interests and groups of people.

Listen to content while using other GuideConnect features, or just sit back and enjoy with your Dolphin Remote Control in hand.

Manage your calendar and address book

Never miss an appointment or birthday again. Add events and receive timely reminders. There are no complex calendars to navigate. With GuideConnect all the details are in large, high contrast print and also spoken.

Store your contacts’ addresses, email addresses and phone numbers in GuideConnect’s address book. Effortlessly and independently send an email, write a letter, or print an envelope or a label. With GuideConnect you don’t need an expert at hand.